NACAA Awards and Recognition Plan of Work




   National Chair gets membership from NACAA Executive Director and sends quotas and nomination procedures for AA, DSA, and Hall of Fame (HOF) to Regional Vice-Chairs.

   Regional Vice-Chairs send quotas to state chair.

   Vice Chairs reaffirm 2013-2014 State Committee Chairs and send electronic nominating procedures for AA, DSA, and HOF to State Chairs.

September - November:

   States select DSA, AA, and HOF nominees and get applications in order.

   State chairs secure all necessary signatures (or electronic confirmations) and photos.


   State Chairs review all electronic nomination forms and evaluate quality of photos.

   State chairs evaluate all citations and check for clarity.

January 15:

   All nominations are due to Regional Vice-Chairs from State Committee Chairs.

January 15 - February 15:

   Regional Vice-Chairs review all nominations. Contact State Chairpersons for any missing items and return citations for revisions if needed.

   Regional Vice-Chairs select top three HOF nominees from their region.

February 15:

   All HOF, DSA, and AA nomination forms due to the National Committee Chair.

   Top three HOF applications are forwarded to National Chair and Regional Director.


   National Chair secures printing Awards Program Booklets.

   National Chair orders plaques, pins and certificates.

   National Chair reviews nominations and clarifies with Regional Vice-Chairs if needed.

   National Chair sends Special Meals/Facilities request to appropriate host committee chair.

April - May:

   National Chair contact National sponsor to confirm appearance at AA Breakfast.

   National Chair confirms nominee and guest attendance at AM/PIC.

   National Chair prepares Awards Program Booklet and secures a printer for the booklet.

   National Chair scores HOF nomination and notifies winners, non-winners and Regional Vice-Chairs.

   National Chair notifies NACAA Executive Director of HOF winners for video production process to begin.

June- July:

   National Chair sends materials to printer for Awards Program Booklet and arranges for shipping to AM/PIC.

   National Chair prepares news releases for HOF, DSA, and AA recipients and determines best distribution process.

   National Chair contact Specials Meals/Facilities Chairs for Final Arrangements, meal counts,
       seating arrangements, flowers, etc.

   National Chair completes arrangements for committee meeting, AA Breakfast, DSA and HOF banquet.

July 20-24, Mobile, Alabama
    Vice-Chairs meet with Chair to sort and organize awards: Location & Time TBA
    Vice-Chairs and Chair attend National Committee Chair and Vice-Chair Luncheon and Workshop and Committee Breakfast: Location & Time TBA
    National Chair and Regional Vice-Chairs carry out responsibilities as planned during AMPIC, including committee meeting, Hall of Fame presentation,

    AA Awards set up and breakfast presentation, and DSA Banquet set up, walk through with president-elect, and presentation.