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Serve as a liaison between Life Members and members of NACAA and the Board of Directors; actively seek resources for the Scholarship Fund and encourage state program committees to develop programs that will enhance the Cooperative Extension Service. 

General Responsibilities
1. Promote Life Membership.
2. Encourage Life Members to support the Scholarship Fund.
3. Identify and solicit agribusiness to become contributors to the Scholarship Fund.
4. Develop Life Member program for AM/PIC.
5. Motivate State Life Member Committee Chairs to develop significant program that will improve the image of County Agents.


Life Member Chair for 2021-2022 year:

Paul H. Craig • Pennsylvania  •


Regional Vice Chairs are as follows:

Southern Region Vice Chair 2021-2023

Dirk Webb Oklahoma


Northeast Region Vice Chair 2021-2023

Glenn Rogers Vermont


Western Region Vice Chair 2021-2022

Janet Schmidt Washington 


North Central Region Vice Chair 2020-2022

Steve Munk  • South Dakota


Incoming Chair for 2022-2024

John C. Campbell • Tennessee




Procedure to register new Life Members at NACAA


Registering a new Life Member should be handled thru the state association as each association determines Life Member eligibility since every state is different on who they allow as members (Active & life).


The person (perhaps the Secretary or Treasurer) in the respective state who updates the state membership in the NACAA Member database can convert someone to Life Member online, then submit a onetime $50 check to Scott Hawbaker, NACAA Executive Director.  This can be done during the normal annual renewal process or at any time during the year they want to do it.


It is necessary for the NACAA Executive Director to receive the check and "clear" their dues online.  Then he sends the check to the NACAA Treasurer.  When the state person updates dues for someone it generate a dues submission form which is to be sent with the money.  It shows that it needs to be mailed to the NACAA Executive Director (along with how much is due).


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