Instructions for Computerized Expense Voucher

Several cells on the file are protected, meaning you cannot enter data in those cells. This protection will not allow you to change any headings or math formulas. Please do not attempt to over-ride any of these protections.

The Excel expense voucher worksheet is designed so you can fill in the information, date, location, amounts, etc., just as you have previously done with the paper version of the voucher. Once you have entered the amounts for your expenses, the program is designed to do all of the math calculations.

Review the voucher to be sure all information is complete and correct. Print and sign a copy of the expense voucher and send (e-mail) the voucher and supporting documentation to the NACAA President for approval. One hard copy of the expense voucher and supporting documents will be submitted to the NACAA President if electronic means are not available or when requested by the NACAA President.

This voucher is available on the web site, under the Committees tab.